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26 septiembre - 27 septiembre


Thursday, 26th of September

Pre-congress courses – 8h30

Using ultrasonography for CICC placement

Rita Barroca (M.D.), Sara Carvalhal (M.D.), Rodrigo Oom (M.D.), Francisco Cabral (M.D.)
Number of registrations: 16



Rita Barroca (M.D.), Sara Carvalhal (M.D.), Rodrigo Oom (M.D.), Francisco Cabral (M.D.)
Number of registrations: 16


PIVC placement using new technologies (ultrasonography and near infrared light)

Paulo Costa (R.N.), David Adriano (R.N.), Fernando Gama (R.N.), Ana Morais (R.N.), Óscar Martins (R.N.), Sara Vale (R.N.)
Number of registrations: 20

Opening Session – 14h00

President of the Portuguese Association for Vascular Access (APoAVa) | Anabela Salgueiro-Oliveira President of the Nursing School of Coimbra (ESEnfC) | Aida Cruz Mendes National Director of the Infection and Antimicrobial Resistance Prevention and Control Program (PPCIRA) | Maria do Rosário Rodrigues Portuguese Order of Nurses | Ricardo Correia de Matos (R.N., President of the Directive Council of The Regional Centre of the Portuguese Order of Nurses) Portuguese Order of Physicians

Opening Conference – Vascular Access: past, present and future – 14h45

Mauro Pittiruti (M.D., Catholic University Hospital, Rome)

Panel 1 – Vascular Access Specificities: oncology and pediatric patients – 15h30

Moderators: Rui Casaca and João Graveto

The oncology patient
Teresa Dias (M.D., IPO Porto) | Vascular Device Selection in the Treatment of Oncology Patients
The pediatric patient
Maria Knoblish (M.D., CHLC) | Vascular Access in the pediatric context
Elsa Cardoso (R.N., CHUC) | Nursing practices in epicutaneous catheters in neonathology

Coffee-Break & Poster Exhibition – 16h30

Panel 2: Vascular Access Specificities: intensive care and hemodialysis settings – 16h45

Moderators: Rui Casaca and Daniela Santos

Intensive care patients
Filomena Faria (M.D., IPO Porto) | Vascular Accesses in the Intensive Care Settings
Hemodialysis patients
Fernando Caeiro (M.D., CHLC) | CVCs in Hemodialysis – Difficult accesses and less frequent insertion points Gabriel Alpalhão (R.N., CHLC)

Satellite Symposiums – 17h45

Congress Dinner (República da Saudade) – 20h00


Friday, 27th of September

Oral communications – 8h30

Panel 3: Patient safety – medical devices and equipments – 9h30

Moderators: Pedro Parreira and Marta Romano

Ultrassound and near infrared light
Rita Barroca (M.D., IPO Lisboa) | Ultrasonography in CVC
TecPrevInf Project (UICISA: E, ESEnfC) | The use of ultrasonography and near infrared light devices in peripheral catheterization
Dressings and other fixation devices/techniques
João Paulo Bessa (R.N., CHUSJ)
Connectors and catheter association systems
José Martinez (R.N., IPO Porto)

Coffee-Break e Poster Exhibition – 10h30

Panel 4: Vascular Access Teams – 11h00

Moderators: Luciene Braga and José Martinez

The experience from a team in Spain
Victoria Armenteros Yeguas (R.N., OSI Araba Hospital Universitário)
Arantza Tomás López (R.N., OSI Araba Hospital Universitário)
The experience from a team in Portugal
Mónica Rebelo (R.N., UMAD, Hospital de Guimarães)

Lunch – 12h30

Panel 5: The decision-making process in the selection of a vascular access and device – 14h30

Moderators: Sara Carvalhal and Aida Santos

PICCs and Midlines: viable options to CVC
Palloma Ruiz (R.N., GruMAV Co-Founder)
Decision algorithms
Rodrigo Oom (M.D., IPO, Lisboa)
The patient’s role in the selection and maintenance of a vascular access

Panel 6: Complications and preventive practices – 16h00

Moderators: Teresa Dias and Anabela Salgueiro

Microbiological contamination and infection risk
Nádia Osório (Professor, ESTeSC-IPC)
Catheter obstruction and the importance of flushing
Pedro Parreira (R.N.) and Inês Marques (Researcher) | The optimization of the flushing process: laboratory evidence
CVC-related complications
Nuno Almeida Sousa (M.D., Porto) | Evidence in interventive radiology

Closing Ceremony and Award delivery (for the best oral communication) – 17h30

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26 septiembre
27 septiembre
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